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Tillgängliga format Mutant X Säker skannad : 10/29/2021 Ladda ner HD


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Mutant X

4.2 /65
Mutant X is a science fiction television series that debuted on October 6, 2001. The show was created by Avi Arad, and it centers around Mutant X, a team of "New Mutants" who possess extraordinary powers as a result of genetic engineering. The members of Mutant X were used as test subjects in a series of covert government experiments. The mission of Mutant X is to seek out and protect their fellow New Mutants. The series was filmed in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Even though the series had high ratings and was meant to be renewed for a fourth season, it was abruptly canceled in 2004 after the dismantling of Fireworks Entertainment, one of the show's production companies, ending the show on a cliffhanger.
Körning : 44:60 minuter
Första Air Date : Oct 06, 2001
Senaste Air datum : May 17, 2004
Episod : 66 Episod
Säsong : 3 Säsong
Studio :
Nyckelord : experiment, mutant, superhuman, super power
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